Projects Technical Reviews (CDM/VER)

A selection of projects in which the owner of ecoblu was involved in quality assurance as Technical Reviewer (TR) or as Observer (OT) on behalf of TÜV NORD CERT. The selection is limited to projects where the owner is named in the validation or verification reports.

All projects follow either the CDM Standard (with UNFCCC Ref No.) or the Gold Standard (with GS Ref. No.):

  • Brazil NovaGerar Landfill Gas to Energy Project, 2nd Verification der zweiten Crediting Periode, Brasilien, UNFCCC Ref. No. 8
  • Guangxi Youjiang Naji Navigation and Power Generation Project, 5th Verification, China, UNFCCC Ref. No. 1938
  • Codana Biogas Project (CBP), 2nd Verification, Ecuador, UNFCCC Ref. No. 2654
  • Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project, 3rd & 4th Verification, Indonesien, UNFCCC Ref. No. 3193
  • Hanyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration for Energy Generation Project in Haining City, 1stVerification, China, UNFCCC Ref. No. 3480
  • Sungei Kahang POME Biogas Recovery for Energy Project in Johor, Malaysia, 2nd Verification, UNFCCC No. 3686
  • Xoong Con Hydropower Project, Vietnam, UNFCCC Ref. No. 6358
  • Datang Yumen Changma First (north) 48MW Wind Farm Project, Validation, China, UNFCCC Ref. No. 7073
  • Hami Tianrun Shisanjianfang Wind Farm Phase II 49.5MW Wind Project, Validation, China, UNFCCC Ref. No. 7407
  • Gansu Tianrun Guazhou Liuyuan Phase II 49.5MW Wind Farm Project, Validation, China, UNFCCC Ref. No. 7472
  • Stivo wind park on Cyprus, Validation, Zypern, UNFCCC Ref. No. 7934
  • Nuru Lighting Project – Rwanda, Validation, Ruanda,  UNFCCC Ref. No. 8138
  • Nam Na 3 Hydropower Project, Vietnam, UNFCCC Ref. No. 8804
  • Hepu GX3 Household Biogas Project in Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Validation, China, UNFCCC Ref. No. 8970
  • Se San 4A Hydropower Project, Validation, Vietnam, UNFCCC Ref. No. 9017
  • Wind Power Project by Tirupati Microtech Pvt. Ltd. (EKI-CDM.June-11-02), Validation, Indien, UNFCCC No. 9347
  • Wind energy based power generation project by Nakoda Limited at Madhya Pradesh, Validation, Indien, UNFCCC No. 9528