About us

ecoblu was founded in 2012 by the graduate physicist and Master of Technical Management (CCI) Hinrich Bornebusch. He has a work experience of many year as a consultant, project developer and auditor, and he accompanies climate protection projects and measures in the national and international sector. He works on a wide variety of energy efficiency, energy controling and greenhouse gas emission reduction projects.

Audits for energy management systems (ISO 50001 and similar systems)

Furthermore, Hinrich Bornebusch works as an auditor for energy management systems and has carried out more than one hundred audits on behalf of certification companies in companies in various fields such as metal working, mechanical engineering, manufacturing of plastic goods, electricity generation as well as wood, paper, printing and food industries.

CDM / VER projects

A particular focus here is on monitoring and verification of CDM and VER projects according to the criteria of the UNFCCC and Gold Standard. He supervised projects e.g. in Costa Rica, Peru, Turkey, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina and India, and from Germany corresponding tasks in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and Malaysia. The projects include various technologies, such as renewable energy, waste management, energy efficiency in the industrial sector, biogas and biomass technologies.


Thanks to many years of varied experience ecoblu has an excellent national and international network. This is often and gladly used for quality assurance reasons and in order to be able to offer a broad range of services to the customer.